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101CAFFE’ is a retail and online store specialising in the sale of premium coffee in all forms. Pods, capsules, beans and ground, all from the best Italian roasting companies, selected region by region to bring you all the quality and tradition of Made in Italy craftmanship.

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More than 101 kinds of coffees suitable for any machine!

We take coffee lovers on an extraordinary journey with every sip of coffee, as 101CAFFE’ travels around Italy to find the best roasteries.

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Quality, choice and value for money!

Discover the uniqueness of different Italian towns and cities, where coffee roasters still follow the age-old recipes of roasting and blending to produce a true Italian coffee masterpiece.

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Coffee suitable for any machine!

Every cup of our espresso is like a trip to Italy, as we comb through the country in search of top-notch artisans who make coffee in the traditional Italian way that is recognised all over the world.

Our capsules do not present any risk to your machine or its warranty.

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Our aim is to guide our customers through the maze of coffee products to select and experience their favourite blend.

Real coffee from Naples? Espresso with a medium body and low acidity? Ginseng coffee? Or an indulgent cup of chocolate-flavoured coffee?

Choose from more than a hundred types of products made for every kind of coffee machine, to suit your preference for the origin of coffee, its blend and its taste.

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101CAFFE’ Singapore provides coffee solutions to restaurants, hotels and companies.